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12:19 pm - 12/08/2013

way out west with sibille attar

Sibille Attar 2013

Sibille Attar have a long history of singing and been apart of different groups, one named after Prince’s song Little Red Corvette. Today Sibille is going by her own name and is one of the artists that showed at Way Out West this year. After her show we had a chance to meet with her and check out what’s going on.

How was the show?

It was awesome! Insane! I were definitely not prepared for it to be so many people there to watch. We we’re the first act on Friday, it had been raining the whole day before, people were probably gonna be hangover. I had gone through every single reason why no one would show up, so I was incredible pleasantly surprised. I wish I could have been interacting even more with the audience. That was the only thing I would have done differently. But I never dared to jump down off stage because I thought my pants was gonna rip if I did. They are from the nineties and my favorite pair. Before every show I have to fix new wholes with different patches. But I love them. They’re really comfortable and safe to perform in.


Comfortable and safe, is that the most important thing when you think of stage clothes?

It is. At the same time I think there’s a point in dressing up and show a side of you that you don’t do every day. But I mean, I had way to tight pants a couple of times when it’s been hard to sit down buy my piano or when something is to tight around your neck, then it doesn’t matter how fabulous you look. First thing first, you need to be able to perform. Usually when I’ve been to a show myself and I’ve actually noticed what they’re wearing, the show haven’t been that good. That doesn’t count for someone like Björk though. She is an expressionist and what she is wearing on stage is often very artistically in the design. Like when she had a 3D printed dress, that I think is very interesting. If you can mediate your music in a better way with stage clothes then I think you really should.


Does fashion interest you off stage as well?

Definitely! I’m interested in expressing my self in all different kinds of ways; music is not the only one. I love to keep track on new designers coming up and if I have the time I love to see the show Beckmans School of Design put up for fashion week. There’s a lot of highs and lows, but always interesting. Last time Malin Unga was one of the students showing here collection, which I loved. I actually borrowed some pieces from that one for the ‘Grammis Gala’ in Stockholm. The only problem was that no one took a picture of me so the finish look was not really documented. Made me a little bit disappointed.


Are there any artists you think dresses well?

Except for Björk I really enjoy watching Stevie Knicks. And off course, David Bowie, who’s one of my biggest idols.


Any idol of yours that was been to Way out west this year?

Not really. It would have been nice to see Rodriguez but unfortunately I missed that one. I visited Way Out West two years ago, and I was really excited to see Prince play but I had to leave for work when he was in the middle of the second song. Cried like a baby because of that. He is probably my biggest idol. It’s something I share with my dad so that makes it even more important for me. We actually got to see him the other week when he was singing at Stockholm Music & Arts. I cried like a baby then as well, but this was happy tears.


What other memories do you have from a festival?

I will never forget the first time I got to stand in the front row of a big show. I was seventeen and at Roskilde in Denmark where Portishead were gonna play. Before the show even started I had managed to struggle my way to second row. In front of me was this guy who smoked joint after joint and when the show was just about to start, collapsed and went unconscious. It was horrible to see him lying there and shitting his pants and just lose all control like that. But on the bright side, I got to stand in the front row.


Whats going on backstage in a festival like Way Out West?

Every artist has ha private loge behind the Linne-stage. I have mine next to Grimes and I’ve heard some rumors they had wished to have a puppy here for them. I haven’t seen it yet and I don’t even know if it’s true. But there is a chance there is a really cute puppy somewhere close. And in that case I wanna meet it.


What’s next for you?

Now I’m going for a beer. After that I’m planning on taking over the world.

Sibille Attar 2013


By Iris Hjelmstedt


4:56 pm - 11/08/2013

way out west / day III


Third day of Way Out West. Quite heavy to wake up this day. But the more easier to get out of bed because of the best possible lineup. Of course there was a number of day parties to warm up with before heading to the festival area. Nöjesguiden, that had an entire hotel for themselves and friends during the festival, have been able to throw as loud parties as they’ve wanted to, and did as well yesterday. Sweden’s hip hop-crowd was well represented both among the guests and on stage where we got to see ‘Ison och Fille’ make some noise. Not too far away on Lounge(s), Rodeo threw from what I heard a great party as well that seems to have been even more wild, but because of an early traditional dinner with the STYLEBY-crew at Restaurang Räkan we didn’t have time to go there. Räkan should be a stop for everyone visiting Göteborg. The tables inside are surrounding a pond where your shrimp order is placed on a radio-controlled boat that you then moderate yourself to your table. There is also some monsterfishes that loves to jump up and grab a shrimp from your hand if you hold one over the surface of the water. Brilliant. Afterwards we rushed to the festival area to see Public Enemy play. Matched the song they dedicated to Troyvan Martin (Google him) and the whole audience was booing at the sad story. Otherwise it was a rollercoaster of a lot of bad moments and some good ones. A little bit later we got some girl power-feeling from Cat Power but the drizzle gave us a reason to take cover in the vip-area instead. A cheap glass of wine later the rain had stopped and we moved to the Flamingo-stage where James Blake played. A smooth singing Brit, that gave a lot more colorful impression than the decors (black and boring). However the best impression was given by the guy that followed. Kendrick Lamar lit up the whole stage in his all white outfit and gave everyone a reason to scream when he yelled out the question “Do you have the power to be the madest city on this tour?”, referring to the tour his out doing right now. ‘Swimming Pools’ was, as expected, amazing. Someone who personified girl power a little bit later was of course Alicia Keys. Impossible to not be in a good mood when this woman is on stage, her joy together with her confidence is contagious. It’s not Beyoncé-power but still. ‘Falling’ was unwrapped with a scream of joy and even if it was a while ago since it was playing on the radio, everyone remembered the lyrics. That applied almost every song, because the whole show was filled with hit after hit.


We had planned to go see the last of Disclosure afterwards but got carried away by the crowd moving towards the exit, singing ‘Girl on fire’. And how great that even was, it was painful to find out that what we missed out on was a euphoria-moment when they ended the show with ‘Latch’ that had resulted in a great dance off in the audience. At that time we instead tried to get a hold of a taxi in pouring rain, which we all know is pretty hard. Not as wet was it at Yaki-Da where Saurabh Sinha together with Fashion Networks and Absolut Vodka Elyx held dinner number two. Burgers were a given choice for everyone around the table. Two performances relieved each other when the house band had stopped playing jazz. The second one was so good we had to stand in the front row. At the same time Vans had arranged a big party a bit further away that were apparently so packed with people not even Marcus Kollberg that arranged the party got in. So he joined us instead. Unfortunately, Kendrick Lamar didn’t (as the rumors said he would) but we were happy anyways. Actually, it couldn’t have been a better night to end this festival with.


By Iris Hjelmstedt


7:00 pm - 10/08/2013

Way out West with El Perro Del Mar




Sarah Assbring is the women behind the stage name El Perro Del Mar and is one of the artists that are performing at this year’s edition of Way Out West. Sarah describes her own music as melancholic, euphoric and full of love in all its shapes and ways. We’ve met Sarah earlier today to ask her some questions before her two shows.


How do feel about today?

It’s gonna be amazing! I’m doing one show in daytime and one tonight. Feels a little bit nervous to do the one during the day, as those are always harder to perform. I’m so much more aware and the audience is as well. The darkness usually helps me to let lose a little bit more. I’m pulling my self together much more if I do a daytime show. But that’s also why it’s great to be able to do both today.

How will you preper?

I usually do a couple of excercises before a show. You need to do some sit-ups to get your body warmed up and to soften up your muscles. I do some singing excercises as well and then it’s all about focus. That’s one thing I’m getting better at, to have a moment to my self. It’s important that I get at least one minute, but it doesn’t have to be more than that. Then, off course, there’s always time for a toast.

What about the stageclothes?

I usually keeps it very graphic and quite boyish’. But always strong. Even if I wish I could be a bit more bold. I’m impressed by those artists like Lady Gaga that can be on stage in extreme outfits and at the same time be taking seriously. I think that’s very difficult to do my self. The designer Anna-Sara Dåvik is designing all of my stage clothes and we always have deep discussions of what we should do next. It’s easy to have a bold idea that on paper looks amazing but that, when you do the first fitting, isn’t that amazing anymore, and that’s where I chicken out. But of course it depends on what music you make. The music should match the outfit. If you do up tempo music it’s quite easy to dress up in a way. But if you do more of a dynamic kind of music that’s very emotional it’s hard to be in a daring costume and still express something that’s very personal and sad. It’s hard to have your integrity still with you at that time.

What’s your dream show?

I’m one of those who, when I get off stage, think ‘fuck, how did that go’ and starts going through everything that went wrong and what I could have done differently and better. A dream show to me is when you get off and love everything, love life. The response from the audience is the most important thing. So it really doesn’t matter how big the stage is or where it is, it’s all about the feel of it. Closest to feeling that was this summer at Gagnef where pretty much everything went well. That was probably my best show so far. Hopefully these two today will be even better!

By Iris Hjelmstedt

6:00 pm - 10/08/2013

Way Out West / day II


Second day at Way out West. Most people started with the Wrangler brunch which took place in their showroom in town. Bloody Marys was apparently a hot pray to kill the hang overs. We on the other hand decided to go directly to the festival area where Trädgården with the help of Sony took their brilliant day time sessions to Gothenburg. Daft Punk was the theme and they brought 73 year old Giorgio Moroder to to stir it up.
Andra dagen på Way Out West. De flesta startade den med att ta sig till Wranglers brunch som de höll i deras showroom i stan. Bloody Marys var tydligen ett hett byte för att döda bakfyllan. Jag åkte däremot direkt till festivalområdet där Trädgården hade med hjälp av Sony tagit deras briljanta ’Daytime Sessions’ och flyttat det till Way Out West. Daft Punk var temat och i den andan hade de tagit dit 73-åriga Giorgio Moroder.


Unfortunately we had to leave to do two interviews. Luckily for us the Warner party was awaiting afterwards. A big roof terrace with view over the ocean awaited and offered the best view of the whole festival. A great place for the first beer of the day.

Back to the festival area and rambling around between the vip area and the stages. So much love both in front of and on the Flamingo stage when Håkan Hellström entered the stage. 10 minutes and we were all redeemed. We all got goose bumps when the whole audience were asked to hold hands during ‘Valborg’. For the last song he sat down on the edge of the stage quiet listening to the audience singing his song word for word. Gothenburgs biggest pride had made Gothenburg proud and vice versa.


Not as many people knew the lyrics when Miquel entered the stage later that night. But Miquel was full of love two and kept it in focus when speaking in between songs. He can sing like a good. Never heard a dude wail pussy so many times as he did though and it was almost a bit awkward.


The Knife offered even more variation with a lively show. Unfortunately we missed when they stated that “There´s been a lot of cock on this stage before us” and meant that to many men and to little women where performing at this years festival, something we can totally agree on. When the music stopped at the festival Saurabh Sinha & Fashion networks with Absolut Elyx dinner at Yaki-Da was on the schedule. We spotted Cicci Fors and Alicia Vikander at the next table and fortunate for us lovely Columbine Smille and Lisa Corneliusson ended up next to me. Ate hamburgers for the fifth time in two days and when that was finished not many hours were left for dancing before the club closed at four.

By Iris Hjelmstedt

9:12 am - 10/08/2013

Way Out West / The Office Recommends: Saturday


The final day of Way out West is here! It has been a good two days, with a few surprises along the way, and a lot of great music!

Yesterday gave us giants like Håkan Hellström and The Knife, and today we get garage wunderkind born 1994.

This is what the Office Recommends:


YouTube Preview Image


Stockholm based psychedelic rock band Dungen has been around for 10+ years. Known mostly outside of Sweden, with 3 US tours behind them, they are a true must-see performing on such a large stage in their home country.


YouTube Preview Image

Public Enemy

They need no introduction. We’ve been trying to keep the really, really large names off of this list, but with rap legends Public Enemy in the line-up we have no choice but to believe the hype. (Pun intended). This Saturday is truly a day for hip-hop and rap.

YouTube Preview Image

Cat Power

Cat Power was discovered by members of Sonic Youth and has been a prominent figure on the indie rock scene ever since. With a new album, Sun, in 2012 fans can expect a mix of both new and old material.


YouTube Preview Image

Danny Brown

Detroit rapper Danny Brown has been hyped as hell since his release of the free-of-charge album XXX. Now he is signed to the Brooklyn based record label Fool’s Gold, known primarily for acts like A-Trak, Kavinsky and other party music.


YouTube Preview Image

James Blake

The young British super-talent James Blake has been so hyped the last couple of years it is insane. His latest album Overgrown has been ranked top 5 by every outlet in the world of music.


YouTube Preview Image


The two brothers, born in 1991 and 1994, are bringing garage back to the dance-floors like no one else. Closing this year’s festival with a huge dance party seems like a pretty great idea.

11:11 am - 09/08/2013

Way out West / day I


First day of Way Out West. The calm before the storm so to speak. Hate it when people complain about the weather but that is exactly what we did until we stepped out of the car outside of the festival area and the rain stopped like on cue, which was a real mood booster. Passed by Daniel Adams Ray who was to melancholic to match our new found happiness so we only stayed for a few songs. Alabama Shakes started of later and many people claimed them to be really good, unfortunately we missed them being to busy with our first dose of alcohol in the vip area which was pretty empty until Alexander Skarsgård walked in and all off a sudden everybody wanted to be there. A packed crowd also gathered in front of the stage for the Johnossi  performance. An apparent party craving audience danced to every song and the band set the right mood for the evening. And as if that was not enough I also won a key chain stating ‘the future is bright’. That was not the case though as Neil Young cancelled his show just minutes after that. Very sad for those who had come all the way from Umeå but at this time we were to busy hugging a couple of Swedes that had come in directly from New York. It was obvious that not many people felt an urge to go outside the vip area and actually see the performers. But we did not want to miss Tame Impala. Organic is a suitable word for the music, and every song was like traveling through the body with the blood cells with heart beats beating in the background. After that Beach House impressed with an audience so big they could not fit under the roof of the Linné stage but when ‘Silver Soul’ played it lit up like a starry sky for the ones who had come early to take place inside the tent. Junkyard and Nöjesguiden threw a party, unfortunately not the best kind so we continued to Yaki-Da who always throws good parties, but perhaps maybe a bit to good since it was crowded with people everywhere. Another days has come and we are about to attend a few day parties. Please help us god.


By Iris Hjelmstedt

9:17 am - 09/08/2013

Way Out West / The Office Recommends: Friday

“Friday, I’m in love!”

Way out West is amazing today! We decided to ignore some amazing acts like Håkan Hellström, Rodriguez and THE KNIFE! and focus on some of the bands you might not be familiar with, for what The Office Recommends today!

Giorgio Moroder

Daytime session! The dance music legend is hosting a party featuring Chris Cox. Undoubtedly the best daytime party on the Festival Area. Hopefully it will be full of awesome people who know Daft Punk for more than Get Lucky!


YouTube Preview Image

Talks: Studio Total

As we mentioned earlier WoW truly put an enormous amount of work into the off-site schedule this year with movies and talks. Studio Total, the enfant terribles of Swedish PR are known for their Belarus Teddybear stunt and burning a 100.000 SEK at Almedalen.


YouTube Preview Image

Angel Haze

Angel Haze is one of the most talked about rappers right now. With social-realistic lyrics and power far beyond most rappers she is not to be missed. Her rendition of the song Cleaning out my Closet chronicles her own years of being a victim of sexual abuse, and is as impressively honest as it is chocking.


YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


The L.A. sisters of the band Haim (rhymes with time) has taken the world by storm. Their break-through in 2012 was largely due to them opening for Edward Sharpe, Mumford & Sons, Florence & The Machine as well as epic shows at SXSW.


YouTube Preview Image


A personal favorite, the New York based band Skaters has played the LES/Brooklyn since their formation in early 2012 (!!!) and were recently signed to Warner Brothers. Their EP Schemers was available for free online and has truly helped in establishing their fan-base.


YouTube Preview Image


Toronto superstars of the indie scene, Austra, reached mainstream success with their album Feel it Break. Their recent album Olympia is significantly less dark, and even upbeat at times. They are playing at the same time as Skaters and are a perfect alternative if you prefer dream-pop over indie rock!

3:00 pm - 08/08/2013

Pre Way out West with Eddie Mitsou


This is Way out West with Eddie Mitsou:

How do you prepare for Way Out West?
- I´m charging my batteries at Ängsbacka Ecovillage with lots of raw food and superfood smoothies!
Then my friend Jonathan is giving me a ride to Gothenburg since he is going to Mölle to live in a tipi in the woods.

Which band do you look forward to most?
- Tussilago! An awesome band consisting of four nice Stockholm boys playing at Stay Out West on Saturday. And Public Enemy!

What are your previous experiences from festivals?
- When I was 14 I hung out at Emmaboda and drank cheap box vine, munched on veggie burgers and watched Justice. Then Way Out West last year which was incredible fun! I love festivals.

Where do you go when the music stops at Way out West at night time?
- I will take of to some cool, secret after party. But they are so cool not even I know where they are yet…

What three songs are you listening to in preparation for the festival?
- Feels like we only go backwards – Tame Impala
Harder then you think – Public Enemy
Like a Hurricane – Neil Young

How do you dress for a festival?
- If the weather is nice I always have bare legs, but I always bring a warmer sweater and stockings for night time.

Did you bring any favorite pieces to the festival?
- My new Nike Air Max with sparkling golden laces have a given space in my suit case as well as my new batik patterned Kenzo dress!

Who will we see you with at the festival?
- Everybody and everything!

Read Eddies blog and follow her Way Out West veggie journey here.

11:00 am - 08/08/2013

Pre Way out West with Ida Rislöw


Ida Rislöw is a music lover, dj and blogger here at Freshnet and of course she is a part of the team on their way to Gothenburg for the Way Out West festival. This is Way out West with Ida Rislöw:

How will you dress this festival?
- Simple but a little more hippie than usual.

What will we see you doing at day time?
- Listening to bands of course and taking instagram streetstyle photos for River Islands competition.

What band do you look forward to the most?
- I have seen Grimes and Kendrick Lamar before so mostly Austra, Tame Impala and Rodríquez.

What is your best festival memory?
- Prince last year at Way out West. That was epic.

What do you look forward to the most?
- The festival spirit! Good music, all my friends there, hanging out in the sun, fun parties. Trädgårdens daytime session will probably be awesome.

Where are you of to at midnight after Way Out West?
- Saurabh & Fashion Networks dinner at Yaki-Da and perhaps some after party at hotel Nöjesguiden!

If you can choose only three songs to listen to on your way down there, which three will you choose?
- Tame Impala – I don’t really mind
Kendrick Lamar – Swimmingpool
Alicia keys feat eve – Gangsta Lovin’

Follow Ida on her blog and on Instagram at IdaRislow and RiverIslandFestivalTour

7:50 am - 08/08/2013

Way Out West / The Office Recommends: Thursday


This year we are very impressed by Way out West. The daytime movie schedule as well as the Stay out West line-ups at night are also amazing!

Thursday looks amazing and presents a wide variety of choices but its schedule allows for a more relaxed day.

This is what the Office Recommends:


Interior. Leather Bar. (Movie)

This is the much talked about film by Trevor Mathews and James Franco, recreating their interpretation of the lost/cut footage from the 80s film “Cruising”.


YouTube Preview Image

Daniel Adams-Ray

Daniel Adams-Ray has been a favorite ever since Gubben i Lådan (embedded above). One half of the duo Snook, who both reached great levels of solo success. He hasn’t released anything new in a while and we have been told to expect new material!


Ström åt Folket (Movie)

One of this springs most appreciated documentaries on the state run TV network, Power to the People or more correctly Electricity to the People is a movie about the Swedish music scene’s dedication to electronic music over the years. From Ratata to the Knife, to Icona Pop and Avicii…


YouTube Preview Image

Tame Impala

There is literally no way you haven’t heard this groups song “Elephant”. None. They are an Australian Psychedelic Rock band known for shopping vintage instruments and microphones like madmen before recording anything.


YouTube Preview Image

Beach House

Dream Pop superstars Beach House are a must see. Their two latest albums were put out by Sub Pop and we can be sure to expect a ton of devoted fans as well as music that constantly tops all lists from Pitchfork and Fader.


YouTube Preview Image

Autre ne Veut

With his amazing second album Anxiety receiving wide praise, Autre Ne Veut’s Stay out West gig is a must see. Going from church basements in Greenpoint, opening for How to Dress Well to touring the world in two years is a pretty big deal.

3:08 pm - 07/08/2013

Pre Way out West with Madelen de la Motte

Madelen de la Motte is coming with the Fashion Networks team to cover the street style scene at Way out West for River Island. Follow her adventure at her blog here at Freshnet. This is Way out West with Madelen de la Motte:

How have you been preparing for Way out West?
- I have had this playlist on repeat for weeks now.

Which band playing are you looking forward to the most?
- I’m as so psyched to se The Knife. Been listening to them so much so it will be interesting to see them live. Håkan is always Håkan, extra fun to get to see him at his home stage! And Kendrick Lamar, that will be my third this year… I had a head start with two super fat live performances in New York at Hot 97 and Governor´s ball.

What are your previous festival experience?
- My first year at WoW was 2009 and since then I have been faithful! My most pure memory is from Hot 97 summer jam when Asap Rocky did fucking problems. Unforgettable.

What do you look forward to most

Where do you go of to when the music at WoW dies?
- I will probably dance away to some club gig and join the Fashion Networks team at their late night dinners at Yaki-da!

Any advice on what to bring to a festival?
- Sunglasses are a must and it´s also quite important to not forget your ticket. Deodorant and perfume is also to recommend…

Are you bringing any specific pieces that you can´t live without?
- I have packed my new leopard cap from River Island and my favourite sunglasses from The Row.

Follow Ida on her blog and on Instagram at Madelen and RiverIslandFestivalTour

12:16 pm - 07/08/2013

Pre Way out West with Saurabh Sinha

Photo courtesy of DN

Photo courtesy of DN

We decided to ask our dear collaborator a few questions about how Way out West with Saurabh Sinha will look this year!

Saurabh, you are back in Gothenburg, what is happening this year?
- Same procedure as the last few years, I will be hosting the restaurant at Yaki-Da, the best nightclub in Sweden. Me and Fashion Networks are arranging dinners for our friends at midnight on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday we hope to fill the venue with friends and family and throw the best closing party in town. And of course I will be going to my friend Salvatore Scappinis Way out Warner -day party on Friday, a modern classic.

How do you feel about coming back to Yaki-Da?
- It´s always a pleasure.

What is special this year?
- This year we are working with Absolut Elyx, a new high end vodka. They are hosting/curating our dinners and it will be the first time people can taste the product. I always prefer working with Swedish brands and in my profession it doesn´t get bigger than working with high end products for Absolut.

Music-wise, what are you looking forward to?
- Giorgio Moroder is by far the coolest act this year (and Public Enemy). I don´t want to miss his daytime session. If I have to choose it would be Public Enemy, Junip, Neil Young and The Knife. Not a concert-person. I´d like to see the Studio Total guys at Way out West-talks at Scandic Rubinen on Friday.

If you could name one dream guest, who would it be?
- Christer Fuglesang because he´s been to outer space.

What makes your parties and dinners stand out?
- I´d like to say my personal touch, I always create stuff like this with a fundament consisting of close friends who help bringing the group together and make everybody always feel welcome.

What do you aspire to be remembered as?
- A genius.

The perfect party, describe it!
Let me know when you have a few hours off and I´ll tell you.

When will we see you next after this? Future plans?
- I am working with André Saraiva at the moment, we are doing Le Baron-parties in Stockholm for the first time. It´s going to happen on the 24th and 26th of August (Fashion Week). Looking forward to some international flair in Stockholm.

What´s you festival uniform?
- My Wellingtons.

8:44 am - 07/08/2013

Pre Way out West with Elsa Ekman


Our Freshnet blogger Elsa Ekman is in full preparation for her trip to Gothenburg and Way out West tomorrow. We took two minutes  to talk to her about her hopes for the festival and her surprising lack of previous festival experience… This is Way out West with Elsa Ekman:

What do you look forward to the most?
- The tempo, the people, the party. Everything. Also Kendrick Lamar of course! And I definetely don´t want to miss Disclosure.

Where do you go when the music tones out at the festival area?
- We are of course gonna hit town. Saurabh and Fashion Networks are arranging their bad ass late night suppers at Yaki-da and that´s the big plan for night time…

If you can choose only three songs to listen to on your way to the festival, which will that be?
- Drake – Hold on, We’re Going Home feat. Majid Jordan
Rihanna feat. Wale – Bad
Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz – Rich As Fuck

Who will we see you with during the festival?
- I will be hanging out with an awesome team from Freshnet and Presskontakterna. You´ll see us rocking the festival like geniuses.

What are you´re thoughts on dressing for a day at Way out West?
- Don´t think too much. Casual but fun. More and crazier than ever.

Do you have any favourite pieces accompanying you to the festival?
- My thin lime-yellow-green parca from River Island since I heard some rumours about rain. So psyched and don´t really give a shit about the weather really…

1:28 pm - 29/07/2013

Vagabond WoW exclusive

Vagabond is releasing a limited edition festival shoe for this years Way out West festival in Gothenburg, Sweden. Their classic summer shoe is dip dyed in a mix of colors which gives it a unique marbled look.
The shoe will be available only online and in Vagabonds tent at the festival to the price of 400 swedish kronors.

10:53 am - 23/07/2013

Solange Cancels WoW Performance

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 12.50.28
YouTube Preview Image
We received some sad news today when they announced that Solange cancels her performance at WoW / Way Out West.

The cancellation is a part of a larger series of cancellations, most of her European performances this summer are rumored to be affected.

I guess this means we are… losing her?

Jesper Dahl

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