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11:11 am - 09/08/2013
Way out West / day I


First day of Way Out West. The calm before the storm so to speak. Hate it when people complain about the weather but that is exactly what we did until we stepped out of the car outside of the festival area and the rain stopped like on cue, which was a real mood booster. Passed by Daniel Adams Ray who was to melancholic to match our new found happiness so we only stayed for a few songs. Alabama Shakes started of later and many people claimed them to be really good, unfortunately we missed them being to busy with our first dose of alcohol in the vip area which was pretty empty until Alexander Skarsgård walked in and all off a sudden everybody wanted to be there. A packed crowd also gathered in front of the stage for the Johnossi  performance. An apparent party craving audience danced to every song and the band set the right mood for the evening. And as if that was not enough I also won a key chain stating ‘the future is bright’. That was not the case though as Neil Young cancelled his show just minutes after that. Very sad for those who had come all the way from Umeå but at this time we were to busy hugging a couple of Swedes that had come in directly from New York. It was obvious that not many people felt an urge to go outside the vip area and actually see the performers. But we did not want to miss Tame Impala. Organic is a suitable word for the music, and every song was like traveling through the body with the blood cells with heart beats beating in the background. After that Beach House impressed with an audience so big they could not fit under the roof of the Linné stage but when ‘Silver Soul’ played it lit up like a starry sky for the ones who had come early to take place inside the tent. Junkyard and Nöjesguiden threw a party, unfortunately not the best kind so we continued to Yaki-Da who always throws good parties, but perhaps maybe a bit to good since it was crowded with people everywhere. Another days has come and we are about to attend a few day parties. Please help us god.


By Iris Hjelmstedt

3:00 pm - 08/08/2013
Pre Way out West with Eddie Mitsou


This is Way out West with Eddie Mitsou:

How do you prepare for Way Out West?
- I´m charging my batteries at Ängsbacka Ecovillage with lots of raw food and superfood smoothies!
Then my friend Jonathan is giving me a ride to Gothenburg since he is going to Mölle to live in a tipi in the woods.

Which band do you look forward to most?
- Tussilago! An awesome band consisting of four nice Stockholm boys playing at Stay Out West on Saturday. And Public Enemy!

What are your previous experiences from festivals?
- When I was 14 I hung out at Emmaboda and drank cheap box vine, munched on veggie burgers and watched Justice. Then Way Out West last year which was incredible fun! I love festivals.

Where do you go when the music stops at Way out West at night time?
- I will take of to some cool, secret after party. But they are so cool not even I know where they are yet…

What three songs are you listening to in preparation for the festival?
- Feels like we only go backwards – Tame Impala
Harder then you think – Public Enemy
Like a Hurricane – Neil Young

How do you dress for a festival?
- If the weather is nice I always have bare legs, but I always bring a warmer sweater and stockings for night time.

Did you bring any favorite pieces to the festival?
- My new Nike Air Max with sparkling golden laces have a given space in my suit case as well as my new batik patterned Kenzo dress!

Who will we see you with at the festival?
- Everybody and everything!

Read Eddies blog and follow her Way Out West veggie journey here.

8:44 am - 07/08/2013
Pre Way out West with Elsa Ekman


Our Freshnet blogger Elsa Ekman is in full preparation for her trip to Gothenburg and Way out West tomorrow. We took two minutes  to talk to her about her hopes for the festival and her surprising lack of previous festival experience… This is Way out West with Elsa Ekman:

What do you look forward to the most?
- The tempo, the people, the party. Everything. Also Kendrick Lamar of course! And I definetely don´t want to miss Disclosure.

Where do you go when the music tones out at the festival area?
- We are of course gonna hit town. Saurabh and Fashion Networks are arranging their bad ass late night suppers at Yaki-da and that´s the big plan for night time…

If you can choose only three songs to listen to on your way to the festival, which will that be?
- Drake – Hold on, We’re Going Home feat. Majid Jordan
Rihanna feat. Wale – Bad
Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz – Rich As Fuck

Who will we see you with during the festival?
- I will be hanging out with an awesome team from Freshnet and Presskontakterna. You´ll see us rocking the festival like geniuses.

What are you´re thoughts on dressing for a day at Way out West?
- Don´t think too much. Casual but fun. More and crazier than ever.

Do you have any favourite pieces accompanying you to the festival?
- My thin lime-yellow-green parca from River Island since I heard some rumours about rain. So psyched and don´t really give a shit about the weather really…

10:53 am - 23/07/2013
Solange Cancels WoW Performance

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 12.50.28
YouTube Preview Image
We received some sad news today when they announced that Solange cancels her performance at WoW / Way Out West.

The cancellation is a part of a larger series of cancellations, most of her European performances this summer are rumored to be affected.

I guess this means we are… losing her?

Jesper Dahl

8:11 am - 18/07/2013
Festival Style: Peaches Geldof

Skärmavbild 2013-07-18 kl. 09.52.12

Peaches Geldof at Glastonbury

Stylish Peaches Geldof went to Glastonbury in June wearing her best River Island festival looks. Fresh from the festival, Peaches reported back through her Instagram with style tips to consider when planning festival wardrobes.

For inspiration to get set before Way Out West, let’s have a look at Peaches outfits and guidance!



OUTFIT 1 (picture above): 

‘I teamed this white lacy blouse with black shorts and my trusty RI Chelsea boots!’

‘I cut off these shorts to make them shorter, and frayed the edges to make them look vintage. The blouse added a monochrome feel and was perfect for the festival as it was lacy and romantic.’


Skärmavbild 2013-07-18 kl. 09.52.44


‘I loved this suede jacket so much…it is great for low-key festival chic, and has a vintage feel.’

‘The shoes were my fave River Island find. With these I got an ankle-length, 60s-style Chelsea boot that was plastic, so had protection against the mud! Chelsea boot wellies – ingenious!’

Skärmavbild 2013-07-18 kl. 09.51.48


‘This dress had a retro paisley print so was in keeping with the high-street does vintage vibe I had been channelling for the festival.’

‘I loved the high cut neckline, and the transparent strip at the waist made it sweet and feminine. I teamed it with a Chanel bag.’




Follow RI and Freshnet’s Festival Tour through Instagram for more festival fashion from Ida Rislöw, Madelen De La Motte, Elsa Ekman and Madelene Billman!


5:23 am - 11/07/2013

Way out  2




The city held music festival Way Out West  will take place for the seventh time now the first weekend in August. At Slottskogen in Gothenburg, the festival will amuse approximately 30 000 visitors during three fully scheduled days of contemporary and attractive music, as well as food, art and alternative cultural elements.

Since start in year 2007, WOW has increased in numbers sold and impresses considering the lineup as well as the arranger’s engagement to assemble an alternative and attractive festival experience in its wholesome by incorporate other cultural activities.

Let’s have a look at the years of WOW and its journey from new born to confident and creative, growing festival.




Sold out, the first Way Out West kicked off August 10. The media parallels the new festival to the indie/pop music festival Accelerator, but with a slight more established and mature lineup.

18 000 people enjoyed headliners such as Primal Scream, Erykah Badu, Manu Chao, The Hives, Kanye West, Regina Spektor to name a few. The new festival had great success.



Kanye West



Second year, WOW increased in numbers to over 24 000 sold tickets. The arranger and founder Luger introduced ‘Stay Out West’, a concept that features after-hour gigs at collaborating night clubs and alternative stages around the city of Gothenburg. Everyone with a valid wristband are welcome to visit these venues.

The lineup composed a mix of the most interesting artists from the international and native music scene, such as Kelis, NERD, Sigur Ros, Franz Ferdinand and the well established artists Neil Young and Sonic Youth.



Neil Young



Continuing to increase and impress with a high-class and attractive lineup. 25 000 visitors came to see artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Robyn, Fever Ray, Basement Jaxx, Röyksopp, Nas and Glasvegas and many more. This year, the lineup had enlarged to almost the double amount of booked artists than former years.


2009 fr

Fever Ray



Gothenburg’s beloved native artist Håkan Hellström might have a hand in the sold out outcome for 2010. Either way, he sure did a remarkable and much acclaimed performance for the packed festival area that summer evening.

Long time no see-er Iggy Pop, Wu-Tang Clan and Chemical Brothers, and much contemporary The XX and M.I.A are other headliners that pleased the visitors during the two days.

Luger had by now reached their origin three-year-running goal forWay Out West, but happily announced they’re planning to continue with the festival as soon as that year’s festival was over.



Håkan Hellström 



In time for the fifth Way Out West, a book with the aim to analyze the vital factors behind the festivals’ success, was released.

Prince did a critically acclaimed and remarkable performance that surely did not leave anyone in the crowd intact. It was the absolute talk-about of the festival season. Kanye West put on a remarkable act himself – including an auto tuned bagpipe.

Way Out West was highly praised by UK’s The Times and later on awarded by MTV at O Music Awards for being the most innovative music festival of 2011.


prince 2010




The sixth year WOW achieved new public record by 27 000 sold tickets. Also, the two day-er now had expand to three complete festival days at Slottsskogen.

To enlighten the positive outcome of eating veggie and thinking green, the arrangers chose not to serve any meat within the festival area what so ever. The concept “Way Out West Goes Veggie” became worldwide news.

Kraftwerk was the most talked-about booking, along with Frank Oceans last second withdrawn due to health problem. Other headliners were Blur, OFWGKTA, A$AP Rocky , Bon Iver and Hot Chip.


2012 kraft




Photo: Claes Lind, Fashion Networks Creative


Eveline Flink

9:45 am - 03/07/2013



The popular concept Stay Out West once again awakes, meaning stages will be created on alternative locations besides the festival area or the night clubs in collab’ with Way Out West.

Way Out West recently announced that WEEKDAY  will arrange an official music stage at this year’s festival, adding some new artists to the official line-up as well.

Hosted in the WEEKDAY Store on Kungsgatan, day-time performance of El Perro Del Mar, Mack Beats, YAST and Stay Positive will take place during the festival in Gothenburg.



10:00 am - 23/08/2012
Matilda / Tiger

Bilder av Jesper Dahl/Claes Lind

Vår kära vän Matilda Sundquist hade på sig kläder från Tiger of Sweden, och egna accesoarer, när vi hängde runt på festivalområdet.

2:26 pm - 14/08/2012
The Weekend that Was

Häromdagen flög Freshnet-teamet i samarbete med Molami ner från Stockholm till Göteborg för att gå på festivalen Way out West!

Vilket ni kanske märkt?

Vi var inte bara där bara för nöjes skull, utan Freshnet i samarbete med Saurabh arrangerade en serie nattmiddagar-middagar i Molamis ära med ett fåtal specialinbjudna personer på restaurangen Miss Sophie.

Efter middagarna så bar vi av till källarklubben Orgia, och vi avslutade nätterna långt senare i restaurangen högst upp på Yaki-da.

Vi rikta ett stort tack till alla gäster och alla inblandade i planeringen av middagarna för en oförglömlig helg!

Allt detta var dock bara ett smakprov för vad som komma skall…

Under modeveckan, närmare bestämt tisdagen den 28e augusti, kommer årets fest att äga rum!

Håll dina ögon och öron öppna! …särskilt på Saurabhs blogg eller klicka här!



(Om ni vill se fler bilder från helgen kan ni titta in hos våra bloggare Etoall, Lina och självklart Saurabh!)

12:00 pm - 09/08/2012
#festivalfreshnet #molami #howtobookmorrissey

12:00 pm - 08/08/2012
Oberhofer / WoW

Underbarnet och Way Out West favoriten Brad Oberhofer (med bandet Oberhofer) har släppt en ny video lagom till festivalen!

3:39 pm - 07/08/2012
Common / WoW

Way Out West jobbar hårt och levererar nyheter fram tills allra sista veckan!
Common är nu bekräftad sedan igår!

Vi på kontoret håller på för fullt med att göra våra scheman (och få in någon form av jobb mellan artisterna).
Vi har oändligt med mysiga överraskningar på gång, så kika in på Saurabhs blogg.

För att komma till den klickar du HÄR

9:58 am - 02/08/2012
Jespers Way Out West

TIllsammans med sponsorn Norrlands Guld har Way Out West byggt ett verktyg på Facebook så du kan göra din egen poster. Det här är Way Out West i Jespers huvud, en smula tanigt, men 99.9 % kvalitet!

För att göra din egen klickar du HÄR

10:31 am - 01/08/2012
Billy Bragg / WoW

En av höjdpunkterna på Way Out West för oss som är en smula nördigare än genomsnittet är att folk-musikern och vänster-aktivisten Billy Bragg spelar på Way Out West.

Hans kanske mest kända låt är nog A New England, som Kirsty MacColl (känd från låten Fairytale of New York) gjorde en berömd cover av.


9:46 am - 08/06/2012
Friends / Way Out West

Photo: © 2012 dylanvogel

Brooklyn-baserade indie-funk bandet Friends släppte en ny låt för sommaren häromdagen. De är schemalagda för Way Out Wests “Stay Out West” och Oya i Norge.


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